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About the authors

Who are behind Trackingo?

Trackingo it the work of two brothers. Alex has done most of the design and general programming while Paco is responsible of the maths behind the scenes and the graphical functions.

Also together we developed entirely the web Sortea2 - The Raffle Machine

How to contact with us

In order to contact with us, you can use the contact formulary or you can send us a email to the addresses:

About Trackingo

I have found bugs in the page. What should I do?

We are sorry, but we hope you understand Trackingo is still in beta, that means there are still bugs and failures we are still working on them.

If you are quite sure there is a problem with the system you should tell us with the bugs reporting formulary. We will read your description of the failure and we will work on solving it as soon as we can.

Do I have to pay to use Trackingo?

Trackingo is absolutely free, we are not offering any kind of premium service whatsoever actually. There is no payment model.

What technologies is using Trackingo?

Trackingo has been designed using PHP, MySQL, Apache Server and we are using the Javascript libraries of jQuery

We are drawing the graphs with the free software PHP libraries from pChart.

Using Trackingo

What is this for?

In Trackingo you track data you consider important to control from aspects of your life and we offer you graphs, calendaries, statistics and conclusions about this data. It is a good way of tracking all this information that otherwise will be difficult to control and sometimes you end up losing it.

This system can be useful, for example, to track your body weight: we insert our weekly weight on Trackingo and the system will give us a continuous graph with predictive information in the short and large term, your mass corporal index, etc.

Why should I use it?

You should use it when you need to track something exhaustively and you need a trustworthy system where to insert all this information. If you are planning losing weight, if you need to control your blood glucose levels, your daily and monthly expenses, track the evolution of a cronic illness, etc. this tool can help you to have everything under control.

But there are other pages better than that!

Of course there are a lot of webs from other companies that can do similar things to some of the features we are offering. The main difference is that here everything is for free, you can track simultaneously whatever thing you want to track and we are going to give you more and more useful information about your already saved data.

One mayor advantage of our system is you can use the graphs wherever you want, they are easily printable images and you can transfer them into other webs or devices. In other systems you find on Internet you just can not do that.

For tracking I just need a notebook!

Yes, probably the simplest method of tracking your data would be a common notebook where you can track from time to time what you are going to track. This method is really comfortable when you are inserting data but it is absolutely not when you want to understand this data. Trackingo is a friendly system where you can look back and see all this information, and with the graphs and shared information you can really get understanding of the valuables of your tracks.

How it works internally?

In order to start saving your data you have to register on the system. Afterwards you choose a tracking cathegory (weight, medicines,blood glucose level...) and you write the information you want to track.

Automatically you will get a personalized page where you could see, depending on the tracking cathegory, a graph o a calendar with all the information. In this page you could select between some options with different types of graphs and choices like predictive lines, comparing with others, etc.

Advantages of using this system

  1. Solid sistem where you save the information. You can be sure you will no lose the data you have saved ever, no matter what happens to your hard disk or notebooks.
  2. Anonymous system. Nobody has to know who you are, you can register with a nickname, do not need to use real names.
  3. Privacy. You can track something and do it privately whenever you want. Nobody would be able to see this information, only you could look at it.
  4. Comparison with other users. Between public list you can compare with other users. It is really useful to check the same tendences in other people.
  5. Control of your data. Graphs are plain images you can print o take with you to other place, you can show them easily in your blog, facebook, etc. You can export your data to Microsoft Excel ® and do with it what you want. Your data is yours!

Technical limitations of the system

  1. Maximum of 500 data per tracking list.
  2. The comparison of tracking list is limited to a maximum of five lists. Between them you can have a maximum of 500 data, otherwise the system will take only the more recent 500 data.
  3. The numbers saved must be between the range of -99,999,999.9999 and 99,999,999.9999 for decimal numbers and -99,999,999 y 99,999,999 for integer numbers. Any other number would be rejected.

Why I have lost some of the data?

Accepting the terms of service you are recognizing the right of the system administrator to control stored information in the system. If we consider, according to sense common, that the information you have saved is clearly wrong, invalid o against the terms of services and common laws, we can edit or delete it.