People who follow their “Trip expenses

  1. viaje  a colombia (Cmarcias)-0.00

    viaje a colombia (Cmarcias): 0.00

    lo que voy a gastar

    8 years ago
  2. Viajes Diarios (Flop286)-640.00 pes

    Viajes Diarios (Flop286): 640.00 pesos

    lo normal en un dia

    8 years ago
  3.  (Lubloo)-535.00 €

    (Lubloo): 535.00 €

    vuelo con Swiss a shanghai + seguros de viaje

    8 years ago
  4. Trip to China (Aaron)-1,360.00 ¥

    Trip to China (Aaron): 1,360.00 ¥

    Trip to China. All the prices are in Yuan and almost every spending is for two people.
    To change prices into euro, just divide them by 9.
    To change prices into dollars, just divide them by 6.8.

    8 years ago