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Track your data and get a graph with interesting information

You enter data and we automatically obtain useful conclusions of them.

For instance, you can track: Blood pressure, Dreams, Driving license costs, Sleeping hours, etc.

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Why Trackingo will help you

  1. 1. Tracking your data is easy

    Insert any data you want to record. You can save it easily and fast. You can change it whenever you want. Your information is yours.

  2. 2. Trackingo obtains conclusions

    Inmediately you get interesting and relevant conclusions like average values, maximum, minimum, tendences, etc. You get visually your information and can compare it with others.

  3. 3. Graphs and Calendars

    You get graphs and calendars that make sense. Graphs are easy to change to get shorter periods of time, compare with others. Graphs will maintain you motivated to improve.

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